Tailored to your needs


The packages are personalized in terms of people in the same house, frequency of the treatments you need, duration and combination of the treatments.

Lunic can provide a therapeutic massage of 30 minutes if at least there are two people for 30 minutes each in the same house.
We don’t travel for less than one-hour treatment.

There are some packages already planned but if you want to add some other treatments to them, we can modify them according to your needs.

Bespoke sessions

If you wish to have regular sessions and buy a minimum of three together, contact us to discuss the prices, terms and conditions.



Bust firming/generous bust, half body/full body massage, Alchemical moxa


Inner light

Bust firming/generous bust, Alchemical moxa


Natural beauty

Body brush, full body massage, facial, alchemical moxa, Queen bath


Smooth skin

Body scrub with dead sea salts, massage, aromatherapy 


Perfect skin

Body scrub, body brush, massage, aromatherapy

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