Our variety of massages  and bespoke treatments are designed to bring balance and equilibrium to each and every individual.


Deep massage

This particular massage is recommended for people who are comfortable with a more intense touch. It will be a combination of sports massage with deep tissue massage techniques. It works all of your connective tissue and fascia. 

It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help recover from workouts and injuries.

This treatment can be combined with stretching and a percussion device that helps to release muscle tension and promote blood flow. For best results we recommend the 90 minutes treatment.


Pregnancy massage

Feel pampered during this very special time of your life. We know pregnancy can be difficult sometimes and we are here to help you and support you along the way and make you feel fantastic, reducing any discomfort or pain.


Sleep deep

This treatment is designed to encourage deep relaxation, enabling to sleep well during the treatment or after. If you feel tired, jetlagged or stressed, this is the perfect massage for you. With a combination of slow but firm touches, beautiful celestial music and the selection of calming essential oils, you will feel as if you are rooted in a dimension of tranquility.


Lunic signature massage

This is our most treasured experience. A wonderful treatment unique to Lunic where you will feel touched as never before. We use a combination of different massage techniques tailored to the individual, with music selected just for this treatment in a beautifully perfumed room. It will be an unforgettable full body massage from head to toe. It also includes a rejuvenating facial with GUA SHA and quartz rollers that will help you to nourish and moisturise your skin.


Four hands massage

Our intense four hands massage is certainly an unusual experience, and is recommended for those who have some experience with massage and want to try something new. In this treatment we have two masseuses working on one person, so you will experience double the intensity! The masseuses also coordinate their techniques to ensure symmetrical pressure.



Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Check out our other luxurious spa services.

Body & skin care

Take out the light you have inside and convert it in natural beauty.


Experience a transformation in your body and mind.

Aromatic Baths

Magnificent therapeutic aromatic baths can be designed especially for you.


The packages are personalized in terms of people in the same house, frequency of the treatments you need, duration and combination of the treatments.

We create the perfect oasis of calm at your home

Your home is a place to enjoy peace and serenity and to restore mind, body and soul.


We can provide our services at private sports events, looking after you before and after the match. From football to cricket to iron-man marathon, we’ve got your needs covered.

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