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Most Fequently Asked Questions

There are many kinds of base oil (the oil that is used for massage) that a therapist can use. The most common is grapeseed because few people are allergic to it. Alternatively, almond base oil can be used.

Alqvimia oils will be used for the aromatherapy. Alqvimia is a Spanish company specializing in the creation of pure essential oils. We use these because they are 100% of natural origin and vegan. The plants they use are harvested according to when it is most astrologically appropriate, enhancing the balancing and spiritual effects of aromatherapy.

It is important that you answer the medical form with your allergies prior to the appointment to make sure we can take any allergy into account.

We will ask you to confirm that you do not have any coronavirus symptoms, and have not been exposed in the last 14 days before going ahead with the booking.

– We will also ask you to shower and wash hands for at least 20 seconds in accordance with NHS guide lines prior to treatment.

– Wear a face covering: we are asking to clients to provide their own face mask to be worn during the treatment when facing the masseuse. If the client is facing away from the masseuse, they do not need to wear the mask.

All treatments remain available to you if you are exempt from wearing a mask. We do not discriminate against those in outstanding circumstances or with disability.

Yes! After every treatment of each client, the massage therapist will wash her hands, clean and disinfect the products and massage table with sanitizing wipes or spray.

Please provide 3 towels or sheets per person to have the safest and cleanest treatment.

Before the treatment, the therapist will arrive wearing a face mask to your house. She will set up the massage table, disinfect her hands with the sanitizing alcohol gel, and lay the customer’s towels.

After the treatment, she will go again to wash her hands and will clean the oil bottles with sanitizing wipes or spray, will change the towels or sheets and will ask to the next client to wash their hands and follow the same process.

All disposable wipes and face covers will be put in a bin liner to put in the bin. This isn’t great for the environment, but we are doing it to keep our staff and customers safe.

Ideally on the first floor in a room with enough space for a massage table, around a 1.5x2m space. It would be even better if the room has good ventilation so that fresh air can enter the room after the therapy.

A small table or support to place the oils and tools will be needed. Towels will be used so that nothing will directly touch your furniture.

If you have already a massage table at home, please let us know in advance!

A therapist will arrive at your house, hotel or office 10 to 15 minutes early to create a beautiful luxury spa in your living room and explain the process of the treatment to you.

You will need to remove your clothes when the therapist is not in front of you. Feel free to wear your own underwear, use our disposable underwear, or be naked, but you will be always covered with the towel.

Please note that you cannot ask a therapist to remove your towel if you are naked. They are within their rights to leave if they feel threatened.

Send an email or a text message asking for availability and the type of treatment you would like to have.


Phone: +44 (0) 792 295 5649

We will then send you some forms for you to fill in- one medical and the other to allow us to know which oils you will need.

If possible, please book your appointment at least two days in advance to ensure you will get the date and time you would like.

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