Body and Skin Care


Body and skin care

Discover a variety of treatments that work from the inside to the outside helping you to glow as never before and getting an extra-smooth skin.

Body and Skin Care

Himalayan salts scrub/ body brush

If you are looking for a treatment to pamper your skin then the body scrub or body brush is the perfect treatment for you. You can have a full body scrub with salts from the Dead Sea, or a body brush to promote blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. After that, you can enjoy a full body massage adapted to your specific needs. 

Body scrub with dead sea salts & massage & aromatherapy

Body scrub & body brush & massage & aromatherapy

Body and skin care

Bust firming

Bolster your bust with this rejuvenating treatment! Blood circulation is improved to your breasts through gentle Taoist massage, and a moisturizing mask is used to nourish your skin, leaving it reaffirmed and smooth. Your breasts will feel reinvigorated and bouncy after this feminine pampering.

60 min £120

Pamper your breasts

Women forget how important breasts are in their lives and what they do for all of us. This treatment is designed to connect with yourself, get a firmer aspect, smoother skin, and give them a special treat to remember that is also a very special part of the body to look after.

Body and skin care

Bust generous

This Taoist massage is aimed at those with a smaller bust who are looking to enhance their appearance, or those who may have lost some of their shape after breast feeding. You will feel confident and comfortable in your body, having received some tender loving care to a tender loving area.

60 min £120

Body and skin care

Alchemical Moxa

This treatment focusses on balancing and boosting the second chakra, which can be found in the lower part of the abdomen. It is responsible for sensuality, creativity and, of course, the reproductive system. By improving blood flow to the area, we can boost these elements in your personality, helping you to feel confident in yourself.

20 min £25

holistic therapies

We firmly believe that beauty reflects the balance between the physical body, the mind and emotions. They are linked to each other and our well- being and beauty depend on this holistic balance.We make a diagnosis using kinesiology to detect ying -yang imbalances. These therapies can improve emotional and hormonal balance, with great benefits for well-being.Also, unblocks and balances the energy of the chakras, restoring the sacred power that nature has to women, enhancing their beauty and sensuality.

Body and skin care

Chakra rebalancing

The chakras help us maintain balance and spirituality. The function of chakra rebalancing is to revitalize our physical body. Very often, they are unbalanced or blocked. The therapist will evaluate the seven chakras of your body with a quartz pendulum, and treat any imbalances by applying essential oils with a massage.

60 min £100



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Experience a transformation in your body and mind.

Aromatic Baths

Magnificent therapeutic aromatic baths can be designed especially for you.


The packages are personalized in terms of people in the same house, frequency of the treatments you need, duration and combination of the treatments.

We create the perfect oasis of calm at your home

Your home is a place to enjoy peace and serenity and to restore mind, body and soul.


We can provide our services at private sports events, looking after you before and after the match. From football to cricket to iron-man marathon, we’ve got your needs covered.

Our Clients said


Marta Beacom
Read More
Laura is excellent, professional and an experienced massage therapist. I have booked her on several occasions and I’m amazed at how she can transform my living room into a relaxing haven! I’m so pleased to have found her she has worked wonders for my stiff neck and back and is always patient and willing to wait until I put my son to bed before starting the massage even if this means running late. I highly recommend her.
Asleigh Clark
Read More
Laura is an incredible masseuse. I would highly recommend her. She is very professional, arriving early to set up her equipment. Everything was tailored to my needs. Thank you Laura!
Oliver Alexander
Read More
Excellent service and quality massage. The masseuse arrived at my door on time and created the perfect atmosphere for an extremely relaxing 90 minute massage. Very professional and helped relieve stress and muscle tension. I will use again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
Emily Merry
Read More
Incredible. The best massage I have ever had. Music, atmosphere, a mixture of massage techniques, Laura is a dream! So so relaxing.
Emily Merry
Read More
Incredible. The best massage I have ever had. Music, atmosphere, a mixture of massage techniques, Laura is a dream! So so relaxing.
Alanna Alexander
Read More
Such a unique and high end massage. Laura used lots of techniques- she spent time on a problem area working out a knot and it was a huge relief. I felt like a celebrity. Professional and reliable 5 star treatment. Highly recommended
David Quinn
Read More
Amazing is all i can say about Laura. The love of her work really shines through in her treatments. Her knowledge is unquestionable and can help you whether you want to have pain issues like myself or just want to unwind and relax. 100% reccomend her to all my friends.

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